- materialism: its threat to family values and to the individual. Recent research shows that social inequality kills. Inequality also slows economic growth. Ayn Rand's work a cause of corruption? The rich now retreating into gated communities.


- a new theory concerning the origins, nature, extent and morality of this destructive force inherent in free market economies; argues for a new interface with already-outdated environmental rhetoric; includes an array of practical solutions; extensive references.

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Is exploitation wrong?

- two discredited ideologies are rising again, laissez-faire (as Libertarianism) which aggressively promotes freedom but is disinterested in both justice and democracy, and Social Darwinism. How the classical assumption of self-interest leads to fear. The workplace versus democracy. Sociopaths. Credit cards. And a special word corporations use when explaining the damage they do. Remedies.


New theory  includes definitions, and describes the origins, nature, extent and morality of this destructive force and how it threatens justice, equality and democracy in free market societies. Does my wealth cause your poverty? Can corporate business coexist with virtue? Is greed really an economic rational force? Whatever happened to the "common good"? Paradoxes and environmental rhetoric are exposed. Several practical remedies are offered. Page design by Julian Edney